0102-P1: #DisabilityIsNOTSkinDeep

The Hotelier Lounge Podcast is LIVE! We've had this 'cooking' for a long time and we're so excited to finally begin sharing our awesome insights on innovation in the hospitality industry. As a third generation renovator, this is a topic I'm super passionate about.

At Hadar Interiors, we've taken it a step further by marrying business and interior design to help business owners in the hospitality industry increase their ROI, increase room occupancy/guests, and increase repeat business. Today, the most beautiful space won't deliver the best results without taking into consideration these core principles.


Every week we sit down with leading experts, avid travelers, past guests and workers in the hotel and hospitality industries to help you integrate both functionality and design so that your guests rave about the multi-sensory experiences of their lives! Set your hotel apart as the world-renowned luxury destination it is meant to be.


In an age where your guests are almost exclusively shopping online and technology is evolving at a super rapid pace, you've got to keep up to stay relevant. 

Episode 01-02 gives you the rundown on how we're using latest in business strategy & INTERIOR DESIGN (our fave!) to help you innovate like no other to set yourself apart from the competition. We speak with the amazing Kerry Thornton of Whole Support Services. We discuss the challenges her clients face when traveling to hotels due to accessibility restraints and how we, as business owners, can change the that.

To get in touch with our guest this week, you can find her here:

  • http://www.wholesupportservices.co.nz/ 
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerry-thornton-63335471
  • wholeservices@outlook.com
  • 642102283327 (New Zealand)

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