Why Interior Design Increases Your ROI


I’m always so excited to work with clients to help bring their vision to life, but in a larger than life way. A way that not only makes an impression on your customers but acts as the conduit for increased sales, repeat buyers, and customer referrals.

I call it the ROED Method.
Return On Emotional Design

For businesses who interact with their customers on a daily basis, interior design is your gateway for sales and therefore a return on your investment. Hence, when interior design is paired with an added emphasis on the emotional persona of your buyers it is a potent recipe for more return on your investment.

Buyer Persona + Design = Major return on your investment

I believe that great design evokes emotion, fosters trust, and builds long lasting customer relationships when it is congruent with the ethos of your services or product. Hadar Interiors aims to help set businesses apart through impeccable aesthetic and emotionally conscious design.

Popular business categories that benefit from the ROED Method:

  • Real Estate- Staging helps agents sell their homes up to 90% faster according to NAR
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • And so much more!

Companies across the world spend millions of dollars branding themselves and their products to evoke specific emotions from their customers like trust, excitement, and well-being. According to Jam & Co Design having "effective packaging takes into account the 2-3 seconds consumers take to make a buying decision. Those 3 seconds are exceedingly important when you consider that more than 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase.” This is also true when it comes to the design of the environment, ambiance, and functionality both customers and employees experience— if it reflects the brand, promotes wellness, and clearly communicates the ethos of the company, your employees will operate more efficiently and most importantly affect the purchasing decisions of your customers.

So, you see, Interior Design is much more than nice finishes and fancy cubicles, it’s the crossroads and facilitator of a happy ecosystem in your business. At Hadar Interiors, it is my sole purpose to ensure this very outcome.

I go deep with my clients to:

  • Understand who they are and what their company is about
  • Why the success of their business is important to them
  • Why what they do is important to their customers
  • What drives them to get up day after day to do what they do
  • And much more...

I then make sure to integrate this into the feel and function of the space.

One of our clients is opening a preschool in downtown Manhattan, New York. I took the time to really understand the vision my client has for her preschool and helped her use the design of the space to communicate the ethos of her company. Our main focuses were her deep love for child education, her commitment to teaching the children the “kindness curriculum”, and igniting their curiosity through science and art. Because I was committed to understanding her clientele, I ensured that the parents could partake in this incredible experience by watching from the parents' observation “deck" as their children grow.

Innovation is the name of the game

Staying ahead of the competition is so much fun! It means innovating and collaborating with the brightest minds in the field, and I LOVE innovation.

As part of that collaboration I survey my clients needs, struggles, and explore ways with them so that they reach their customers on a deeper level, so that their customers live the story of their brand, celebrate in their wins, and loyally stick by their sides to become repeat customers and a goldmine for hot referrals.

When you stop to imagine your space, what does it look like in 6-12 months from now:

  • What do you see? how does it look, smell, feel?
  • What is the emotion you have when you walk in there? Do you have a sense of accomplishment and excitement?
  • What do your customers and employees feel? Are they excited to buy from your company or are your employees excited to be a part of your company and its culture?

This “emotional design approach” will help you understand the end user experience and through design create the most enjoyable experience possible for both your employees and your customers. Leverage the design of your space to set yourself apart from the competition and create raving fans who will tell everyone about you and give you only the best reviews.

Cherry on Top (or in my case, it would be a strawberry, haha)

We are rolling out a new line of services that includes an assessment of your branding and marketing plan to provide solutions that integrate the emotion of your brand in your commercial space with the brand customers see online.
GOAL: Impress your customers from the first time they see your amazing reviews, a gorgeous website, and the value of your service or product to the time they walk into the space and experience it first hand.

It is my passion to help you ensure that your customers' first impression is a lasting one.

Want to know if The ROED Method is right for your business?
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