Selling Your Homes Faster, Just Got Easier (you're welcome!)


Hey, I’m Liat Siegel, owner, and founder of Hadar Interiors founded in 2008 only two years into college (before I even got my degree, wow that's drive!). I passionately followed my dreams from a very young age and have been sharing my gifts ever since. Nine years later, having invested thousands of dollars learning from the very best in business and interior design, I am uniquely positioned to help other businesses thrive via my design services.

“But Liat, how do you use design to help my business?” Great question! I work with businesses that benefit from a well-designed space. I use the tools I have learned over the years to strategically address the needs of my clients to grow their businesses. My approach is holistic, in that, I am mindful of the beauty of the space, the functionality, and the way in which they can use that as leverage to increase customer satisfaction and scale their businesses. I help all different types of businesses like real estate agents (*wink *wink) who need their homes staged so that they can sell them quicker and demand higher commissions, to large scale commercial spaces like boutique hotels that want to set themselves apart from the competition and create a unique experience for their clientele. Because I am very business savvy, I come at design from a perspective of increasing your ROI and lifetime customer value to help you scale your business, create a lifestyle of freedom, and wild success as a respected and trusted professional in your field.

Liat is a powerhouse for joy and empowerment. Not only does Liat implement practical solutions for her clients, through her work she also uplifts them with love and respect. She continues to amaze me at every turn, and is fierce in both her zest for life and with her incredible talents. I can’t praiser her enough!
— — Arlene G.

Our mission at Hadar Interiors is to create an internationally recognized brand that helps create empowerment for the modern business owner looking to grow their own brands while simultaneously creating an unforgettable, wholesome, luxurious experience for their clients. I often hear that the work we are doing is powerful and empowering for the clients we work with, because having someone on your team who is working to help you increase your bottom line is priceless and the creation of greater and greater possibilities is so exciting.

This is a one month done for you service, designed to get your homes from sitting on the market an average of 3 months, to getting them sold in at least half the time, for more money, and allow you to increase your commissions.

How our services help real estate agents:

  • Build out the elements of the space that need to be updated and staged so that you have a clear path of who needs to be hired, what furniture needs to be rented, etc.
  • Turn your clients homes from a personalized place they live to a place potential buyers can see themselves living in, enjoying life, and can’t live without so that you decrease amount of price reductions.
  • Impress your clients with a full service concierge service to get their homes sold faster, decrease your client’s carrying costs, and sold for more money so that you can serve even more clients, become more in demand and increase your fees.
  • Relax into a done-for-you system that will take care of all the details and coordination so that you can do more of what you love and less juggling. 
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by fast tracking and creating a much smoother buying/selling process so that you have a choice of who you work with and how much money you make.

Example of one of our staging packages:

  • 1 90-minute in-home meetings to plan and implement out and implement staging: furniture layout, accessorizing, contractor work to learn what is needed for every step of the project. 
  • 2 Room, 2-month “Furniture on Tap” option available (at additional cost), furniture rental program where, as per the planning stage, we will stage the home to highlight the home’s best-selling features and by using focal points to allow the buyer to see themselves in the space.  
  • 1 15-minute "On-Demand" follow-up calls to give you extra support and additional coordination when you feel stuck or need some quick laser focused guidance.
  • “Professional Alliance” open access to our rolodex of screened professionals who will be made available to help you implement the home setup from, organizers to contractors to painters to cleaners to photographers. All the footwork is done for you and at your fingertips.

Here are some helpful stats:

  • 93% of real estate transactions are completed by only 7% of the members, that is staggering! (ReMax Real Estate)
  • Staged homes spend 90% less time on the market
  • Prioritizing rooms and doing up to 4 will help you minimize costs and allow the buyers to see the potential of the home
  • 28% of buyers are willing to overlook property faults when a home is staged
  • 46% of online buyers are more likely to want to see a home in person if it's staged
  • 37% of sellers agents believe home staging increases sales price 1-7%
  • 90% of real estate agents believe home staging positively impacts a home’s value

I'm so glad you took the time to educate yourself on how to get your homes sold faster, increase profit, and deliver immense value to your clients.

Hadar Interiors is excited to provide you with this incredible service to help you increase your sales, set yourself apart from the competition and wow, your clients so that they become raving fans and tell everyone about you!

Can't wait to watch you soar!