It's noisy out there! There is so much content flooding google and our news feeds, it's hard to know what to believe, and whom to trust. It's not enough to ask for a sale, have an awesome product, or have a mediocre social media presence. As business owners, we MUST have a continual open dialogue with our target demographic/customers showing them that we understand their needs and that we are excited to implement those needs into our services and products. When I work with a business to implement a design plan, my first question isn't, "What style would you like?" It's, "Who are your customers, and what are their functional needs and what emotional reaction do you want them to have with your brand?".

As an interior design firm, we asked ourselves that very same thing. Who are our clients and what do our clients truly want? This is the result:

My first questions are, "Who are your customers? What are their functional needs? What emotional reaction do you want them to have to your brand?".


Make sure that you are always pushing the limits, asking how can this be done better? Ask yourself questions like:

1) Who can give me a fresh perspective on this?

2) Who can I partner/collaborate with for advice and further reach, to make my product or service better

3) How I can take solving my customers' pain points to the next level.

That's what a truly innovative business does and how they set themselves apart from the competition. ASK your customers, get their feedback then implement like it's nobody's business and shout it from the rooftops.

Cheers to your innovation and success!

Hey! I hope you enjoyed the article. Here's a little about me and my design firm. I'm Liat Siegel, owner/ founder of an international interior design firm, Hadar Interiors. We help businesses in the hospitality industry make an unforgettable first impression from online through their offline customer experience. We meet both esthetic, branding and business needs for bigger and faster return on your investments. Our Hotelier Lounge podcast is dedicated to innovating and increasing CLTV in the Hotel industry. Do you have questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out on my LinkedIn profile by clicking on the picture above or at