Do You Know What Your Customer Really Wants?

I want to discuss trends and the trajectory of successful businesses and what it takes to stay ahead of the competition. Here is a secret I learned in my nine years running my interior design firm, with my fingers on the pulse of trends. It's NOT what you think!

The success of a company means being able to deliver what your customers want. But what customers once wanted is vastly different from the modern consumer. They no longer want the most seemingly "prestigious" of services, but rather transparency and authenticity from businesses and unique experiences.

This comes in the form of brand storytelling and positioning, in the form of innovation, and allowing ourselves to be REAL with our customers. In an effort to provide the consumer with what they crave, our interior design firm is working to innovate in ways little seen before in the Hospitality and more specifically, the Hotel Industry.

I was speaking recently to Glenn, of the No Vacancy Podcast and discussing with him the importance of collaboration and camaraderie rather than competition. Our firm advocates for joint ventures with other experts to achieve JOINT success. 

So, in honor of leading by example, we have a HUGE collaboration announcement coming soon

Innovate, Lead