Businesses on Hold: Harvey's Affects on the Texan Economy and What you Can Do About It

If you own a business (or know someone who does), then you know just how devastating Harvey was for so many businesses. Various sources are estimating the losses at 40+ billion dollars. That's not including the after-effects of lost business and other losses due to the storm. They are estimating that the losses of this storm will be felt for years to come. Threats of businesses never being able to recover loom like dark clouds as efforts in clean-up move at less than ideal rates. CNBC's article predicts that the cost of damages will begin rising as quarterly reporting will reflect losses directly from the hurricane including loss of customer base, inability to serve customers due to damages, and added marketing efforts to have to drum up new business.

Texans are strong and willing to get back up and rebuild.
But things are feeling stagnant right now for many as they wait on FEMA and insurance claims.

As a business owner, you spent years putting your blood sweat and tears into building your business, all to have it ripped away by a storm in a few days. Besides for the jaw-dropping costs in damages, the sheer emotional toll that the storms have taken on its victims is incomprehensible, especially when it comes to someone's livelihood.

For business owners hit by a storm it means:

  • Still needing to pay overhead costs but without the income to at least break even
  • Still needing to pay personal bills but not having the income to do so
  • Figuring out how to pay for overhead + personal bills + costs to rebuild
  • Additional marketing costs and/or new income streams to make up for lost business and customers

That's a huge emotional drain! When you were building up your business, you did it at a steady rate, your overhead reflected that. To go from a fully functioning business to no income overnight is absolutely devastating. It's so devastating in fact that the sheer responsibility and overwhelm is paralyzing and probably affecting your ability to think clearly and be productive. Maybe you're running around in circles, chasing your own tail.

Your responsibilities grow every day and you're just trying to keep it all together:

  • Insurance calls
  • Insurance claims
  • Cleaning, restoration, and rebuilding efforts
  • Coordinated employee efforts
  • Education on best methods to rebuild and mold remediation
  • Compiling contractor and designer bids
  • Replacing equipment and necessities
  • Personal rebuilding efforts

And that's just a small portion! I'm sure it keeps on growing, even more, every day.

I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind, “what if I don't re-open?”, or “maybe it'll take me longer than I can afford to financially handle?”, or “maybe business won't be as good as it was before the storm?”.

Here's the thing, if you did it before you can certainly do it again. Not only can you do it again, but you can do it even better.

When everything is said and done, you want a business that:

  • Has a steady flow of raving customers you can count on
  • Has a plethora of 5- star reviews
  • You don't have to worry about being able to pay all your bills
  • You have plenty of profits after expenses to pay yourself handsomely
  • You can sit back and relax, enjoying life and time with your friends and family.
  • The business is doing so well that you can look at scaling and expanding your business with new product lines, or locations
  • Amazing employees and culture within your business where everyone felt like a strong team, maybe even a family having come out stronger than ever before

Imagine coming into work with excitement, calm and clarity knowing that everything has come together even better than it was before. What would that mean for you and your future? What kind of investment would you make to make that a reality?

I know you're not there yet, and things seem bleak.

As someone who helps businesses reach their customers, better connect to their customers and increase repeat business, I can offer you some quick and easy solutions so that can get you well on the way back to the business of your dreams.

Three things you can do right now

Focus on these five main things and you'll be well on your way to getting your business back, maybe even better than before:

  • Don't follow the youtube videos who tell you how to remediate your mold problems. Here's what most people are doing to fight the mold: bleach. Bleach____ Make sure to hire a professional who will treat the mold with special chemicals that will ensure you don't have to rip everything out again in a year because the mold is back and worse than ever before.
  • Have a plan. I know that you're anxious to get back to business, but imagine if you hired a team of experts who were focused not just on putting your space back together but on implementing a strategy. Any contractor can put your space back together and it would probably look really nice, but what if there was a strategy to the way your layout was set, the colors you chose and the design that was implemented? What if it affected the return on your investments?What if it affected your reviews positively? Don't just hire anyone, make sure everything is planned out from traffic patterns to lighting to the color of your chairs and equipment.
  • Trust who you work with. This is your livelihood, your future and your kids future we're talking about. Make sure to hire a team of professionals you can trust to take you from mold remediation to the artwork on your walls. We use a project management system for our clients to vet every contractor and designer that works for us and then provide 6-10 bids that the clients can choose from. The last thing you want is to hire contractors that could take your money or not fulfill their end of the deal. We don't pay our contractors in full until our clients are satisfied.

Looking to hire a contractor or interior designer you can trust to help you get your business back off the ground? 

Our Project Management firm in Houston, TX is dedicated to helping victims of Hurricane Harvey recover stronger than before. After a disaster, price gouging, wide variations in bid amounts and dealing with out-of-town contractors make estimate selection very risky. Being a Texas owned business an 20+ year experience track record, we have created a unique system to help protect you and get you back to normal life asap. We vet contractors and designers for you and provide 6-10 bids so that you know you're getting the best deal. Our contractors don't get paid in full until you're satisfied! Have peace of mind knowing that we've got your back.

We love being able to help steer clients away from those who are trying to take advantage of the difficult situation in Texas using our fraud protection project management system. We hear from clients on a daily basis that they are so glad to have met us because they have either have fallen victim to a scam or know someone that has. We love what we do, but what we love even more is helping our clients make their house a home after so much destruction. How can we help you do the same?