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Hadar interiors prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service and creative design

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Innovation meets design

Meet Our commander in cheif

Liat Siegel, is the owner and founder of Hadar Interiors, providing quality luxury interior design, utilizing cutting edge technology for higher performance, faster, and better results. Hadar Interiors is an innovative 21st Century interior design firm.

Interior Design, re-imagined. 

They help re-design commercial spaces to meet both aesthetic, branding, and business needs, as well as transforming their clients dysfunctional homes into gorgeous escapes. Saving you time and money, and looking great while doing it!

She is also a great business woman, implementing business strategies for her clients' designs, for bigger and faster return on their investments. Her latest work is The Hotelier Lounge, a podcast dedicated to innovating and increasing CLTV (customer lifetime value) in the Hotel industry.

how we serve you, providing the highest quality service

One of Liat's top goals is to deliver only the best to her clients. Liat has partnered with companies and professionals from across the US and abroad. Her team includes *World Wide International* with over 30 years of experience and offices in the UK and the US. This company has been doing it all from construction to architecture and design. They've been building everything from luxury residential to commercial spaces including complex projects such as hotels.

Another powerful member and partner is QT&CD, an emerging cutting edge construction and project management company based out of Houston, TX. This company includes members with over 20 years of construction, finance, and engineering experience who have taken on some of the worst post-hurricane rebuilding efforts this country has ever seen, plus, effectively bringing our offices to two of the four largest cities in the US. Our innovation in the Design industry and powerful customer-focused tools, combined with the extensive experience and well-rounded knowledge our partners bring to the table, we are confident that our customers receive a level of service that is virtually unrivaled.


Most importantly, Liat places an emphasis on user experience. From a user friendly interface, that is highly streamlined and efficient, to easy to follow step-by-step systems, so her clients know what to expect and when to expect it, to exceptional customer service that is both attentive and caring. For Liat every detail matters, she does not compromise on quality.


Hadar Interiors Unique Services

  • Luxury Boutique Hotels. Liat has partnered with Worldwide International to work with boutique hotels to help set themselves apart from the competition. Her mission is to help luxury boutique hotels innovate and stay ahead of the competition by creating unforgettable user experiences for their clientele. That way they create raving fans and consistently maintain their five-star reviews. Her design firm is founded on the principle that a hotel must create a unique and tailored experience for each of their guests in order to stay on top of fast changing customer needs and the constantly ever-evolving digital age.

  • Fully branded A-Z service. Branding is important. Liat and her talented team know that it serves as much more than just pretty colors. She leads with the philosophy that, “you have only a few seconds to make that first impression, so make it count!” Her goal is to help businesses communicate how they stand out from the competition and to be heard in a crowded marketplace from their website, to their social media, to the first time the customer walks into their space. She uses interior design + branding to represent who they are, what they do, and what their mission is.

  • Emotionally Intelligent Design. Liat's very own ROED method (Return On Emotional Design), is set to transform the way we experience spaces, from the Hospitality Industry to your Personal Residences. Emotionally Intelligent Design takes into consideration the specific needs of the user rather than a generic, “one-size fits all” model. Wellness, inspiration, and productivity are activated when the design and function of the space matches it's users' “emotional blueprint” and transforms any space from chaos to serenity, from dull to decadent.

  • Global Design. For clients looking for the very best, but live overseas, Hadar Interiors delivers their streamlined systems and processes right to their door. Designed to fit your needs no matter where you are.

Liat's Personal Goals & Missions

Liat lives in New York City with her Husband, partner, and number one fan, Shmuel Siegel. Together, they have 5 children whom they absolutely adore. Liat is driven. She married, had her first two children and started her business all while she was still attending college. Liat founded Hadar Interiors as a heart centered company. Creating the 'We Care Guarantee', that goes beyond customer service.

  • Liat was told most of her life that she would fail, because she doesn't follow “the rules”. She has always followed her heart, in spite of the naysayers and forged her own path as a strong woman, fierce mom, and a trailblazing entrepreneur. Her passion is to empower everyone she meets by showing them that anything is possible as long as you believe. She is a powerhouse and an incredible source of inspiration. Part of her personal mission is to empower people who have been marginalized, especially women and more specifically mothers. In a world full of negativity and bias towards moms, especially work from home moms, she's on a mission to show the world that it can be done. Every woman, has the power to succeed and make the world a better place on their own terms, and in their own unique way.

  • Liat had recently expanded her services to Houston TX to help with rebuilding efforts. In partnership with QT&CD, she is utilizing cutting edge technology and is working on creating a business model that can be easily replicated and applied in other disaster areas.

  • Liat is famous for her unique, colorful, and powerful sense of style. No, not only in Interior Design, but also in the way she dresses. Liat believes that being true to yourself and transforming into the “true, incredible you”, can be achieved by transforming your surroundings and the way you dress. She loves guiding others to experience the same. “By seeing it, experiencing it, and living it, you will achieve it!”

But don't let all that intimidate you. While Liat loves talking about business, empowering women and/or having a meaningful deep and spiritual conversation, she also loves Jazz, a cool glass of bubbly sweet wine and dancing into the night - a true free spirit and a fun, approachable person. She won't bite, I promise ;)

If you run into her, don't hesitate to introduce yourself, and always feel free to share or discuss anything you'd like. One of the things Liat does best and teaches her team to do, is to listen.

Looking for an interior designer for some guidance, or seriously considering working with Hadar Interiors? Send us an email or give give us a call. That's part of their We Care Guarantee. We're here to help. Follow Hadar Interiors on FB, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

You can also reach us via email at info@hadarinteriors.com or via phone at 516-690-6723


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